Tourist Attractions – Disney Cruise Destinations for Easter

If there is anything that characterizes Disney Cruise Cruises, is the diversity of activities that can be performed on each (for both adults and children).

It is true that the Disney Dream to 4 000 passengers, has some cause for astonishment, as a “water coaster” of 237 meters clear tubes which spin on the upper decks. Disney’s innovations, however, are generally more discrete than would be expected.

The art-deco interiors and other classic touches in public areas go back to a time when only the wealthy could afford to travel on cruise ships.

From the huge chandelier in the atrium to the elegant theater, is a true display of hits.

“The goal was to create an experience for all generations, both for people who come with grandparents and great grandparents, and for people who come without children,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger said in a recent interview with The Associated Press one of the first trips of the Dream from Port Canaveral. “I think everyone gets what they want, but I also think we are giving a good dose of surprises.”

Either way, the Disney brand is omnipresent. The blankets, the lights next to the bunks and bath towels look the silhouette of Mickey Mouse. The 150 inside cabins, typically the cheapest a boat because no windows and are equipped with “virtual portholes” that provide live views of the outside of the boat.

But the original video shows not only sea and sky, also intersperses the occasional appearance of Disney characters. An area for children with high-tech resources, Ocean Club, promises to keep the little ones stimulated while their parents relax by the pool or raise a retractable seat at the bar of one of the chic clubs for adults in the area called The District .

The television screen of the Ocean Club, plasma and 255 cm, shows movies, but also interact with an animated character, the surfer turtle Crush from Finding Nemo. ”

In a display of technical innovation, Crush seems to hold spontaneous conversations with young children, responding precisely what is being asked.

Crush is also the star of an interactive experience at a restaurant called Animator’s Palate, where it appears on large video screens with other characters in ‘Nemo’, which also encourages the dinners at the “human tank.”

In another 22 sites Dream, illustrations of “happy art” on the walls come to life when people are coming, thanks to advanced technology including motion detectors.

The background of a bar for adults called Skyline is a huge fake window that shows the skyline of a big city. And a huge video screen on the central pool with projected cartoons raucous celebration on deck ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

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