Top 6 of the best Hollywood kisses of all time!

Have you ever wondered what might be considered the best movie kisses of all time? Here a small Top 6 of those anthology Hollywood kisses that have made (and still do) sigh so many generations …

6. Molly and Sam’s Ghost

Sweet moment, serene, sad at the same time, but relying on the hope of reunion. The ghost of Sam, and completed his mission on earth, should ascend to heaven, but before doing so, goodbye to Molly, his love, kissing immaterial given, literally, with all his heart.

Both would give the last farewell tenderly, her heart in her eyes. No one else will. If we add this sublime moment the beautiful instrumental accompaniment track Unchained Melody remembered the piano, we have then is a memorable sequence. As always keep faith.

5. Mary Jane and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Spider-Man

After saving a few criminals, Peter Parker’s best friend Mary Jane, receives a kiss as a reward for his good deed. Sure, she actually kissed Spider-Man, his secret identity, but I’m sure that’s what matters to Peter unless at the time.

Although somewhat difficult due to the seemingly uncomfortable position, his originality is precisely what gives it its charm. The rain, in turn, heightens the intensity of the scene. And … who would not ever kiss a superhero?

4. Gulf Queen and Lady and the Tramp

Disney’s own insurance or imagined what it would be remembered the scene of the 1955 animated film in which a delicate cocker spaniel and a mutt discover their love in front of a plate of spaghetti. Relevant time by People magazine as “one of the most famous kisses big screen,” let’s not forget Bella Notte track, a ballad in the style perfectly serves Italian accompaniment.

The key scene is in its simplicity, spontaneity and innocence. Perhaps it is also one of the most parodied kiss!

3. Rose and Jack in Titanic

The film that so far appears in the top of the most romantic I could not stop  have a kiss scene in which Rose and Jack, its characters, express their feelings by the bow of the Titanic.

The landscape is undoubtedly also a player, allowing us to see some beautiful shades of dusk, with a serene sea bottom. A magic moment.

2. Karen and Milton in From Here to Eternity

A scandal for 1953 (the year in which the film was released), but it has more value. Karen is a married woman who lives a secret romance with Milton, a sergeant in the same base where her husband. The beaches of Hawaii (since the scenario is Pearl Harbor before the Japanese attack) are the perfect setting for her stormy relationship.

The sand and the way the waves surround give great intensity to the point, that despite last only a moment, is remembered as a great scene of passion.

1. Scarlett and Rhett in Gone With the Wind “

Unquestionably, the crowd favorite for many reasons, ranging from the analysis of timing and context. Way to join the army, Rhett, a cynical renegade, confesses his love for Scarlett, who, at that time, she loves another. His vehemence and passion is apparent in the middle of the red landscape of war (of a city in flames behind them) that accompanies them.

The dialogue is so intense, so desperate, that exacerbates the emotion of the scene. It transmits all without words!

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