Tips to maintain strengthen a long distance relationship

You just found the right person. Her laugh, you download and share your best moments. I love his personality and feel that is the right person … There is one problem, living thousands of miles away ..

Love from afar is a difficult mission, but not impossible. Today more than ever, technology brings us and keeps us connected in real time. While a kiss can not be replaced by an icon in the virtual mesanjero, there are many ways to make love to survive and stay away on foot.

Tips to maintain strengthen a long distance relationship:

– Get the best friend of the technology, will help you get closer to your partner and real-time using text messages, email, chat and web cameras, yes, not overdo it

– It is important to agree a schedule for contact and comply faithfully, if they can not tell and say why.

– Enjoy the most of every moment, there are very few minutes that will be in contact to be made discurtir, criticize or try some disagreement, in any case planning another meeting to address this issue specifically.

– Before any rumors about your partner, do not imagine or take hasty decisions, talk directly and clearly with your partner immediately.

– Not because they are by far the details are not important, contrary to feed the need to be together, check with your imagination and love even more to your partner, write him letters, send cards, flowers or any other details at home. Work hard because you have in your mind every day.

– Schedule time to be together, take vacations, share daily experiences, invite your partner to know you more closely and the way you know your family and friends.

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