Tips: How To Make Your Hair Shiny at Home

The structure of the hair of women consists of scales, or cuticles, as well as protect, allowing the passage of water throughout the length of hair. These properties ensure the brightness and softness of your mane. However, the flakes can be dried hair and beauty lost because of external aggression and internal suffering hair.


Standing too common.
The most desirable are two per year.
It is best to wave only the hairline.
The common colorations.
A poorly balanced diet can produce a blunt hair.
Lack of B vitamins and iron.
Do not eat for a long time or a strict diet.
The contraceptive pill, an irregular cycle and amnesia can change the structure of hair.


Burdocks oil adds shine. Simply apply it on hair with a wide brush.

Masks with panthenol and jojoba oil, these reconstruct the hair from birth to the ends. Use the mask after every second wash, leave it under a sheet and rinse after 15 minutes.

Similarly moisturizing masks are available in spray or cream form are very good.


The natural curl hair was brushing. This stimulates the production of fat of the scalp, the hair’s own fat is distributed better.

When you wash, use only mild shampoo, which do not dry the hair.

The permanent dyes more damage dry hair, the fat, it employs a special mask, each time you start a chemical treatment.

Apply the mask always in the middle of you menstrual cycle.

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