The Vampire Diaries: new information about season 3

The executive producer of the series The Vampire Diaries, Kevin Williamson, wants to put the record straight: the growing rapprochement between Damon and Elena in the absence of Stefan will not necessarily lead viewers to go where they think this season.

“This is not because we put it with Damon that mean they will end up together. And that does not mean they will meet, “Williamson said during the tour to TVLine Press TV Critics Association summer, when he was asked about the fact that he is anxious for fans of ‘Elena and Stefan.

While the “link” between Damon and Elena will be strengthened in their search for Stefan – who rediscovers his dark side along with Klaus – their journey will be “more based on friendship” that the romance, says Kevin. And rightly so. They must keep an eye on their goal: a good vampire went wrong.

“It’s not, ‘Is Damon and Elena will fall madly in love and live happily ever after?” “Said Williamson. “It is, ‘Will Damon and Elena will be able to find the man they both love?” … It’ll be fun to watch Damon and Elena form this relationship at the base is a research the man who both care about. “The depth that this relationship will depend in part on issues specific to Damon and his penchant for doing things that really upset Elena.

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