Teriyaky Experience Franchise

Teriyaky Experience is a healthy alternative to fast food concept, an Asian concept of fast food, fresh food prepared on site, using water instead of oil.

Under the slogan “Live Light, Eat Right ‘(Live light, eat right) Teriyaki Experience promotes its healthy recipes worldwide since 1986, with a total of about 130 locations to date and plans for expansion to another 470 locations coming years.

To open a location Teriyaki, you need a space in a food court (30-40 sqm) or a street space (100-150 sqm) whose arrangement will be made by the franchisor.

Top restaurants in World were opened in every place, seeking franchise partners across the country to open new locations.

For all the menus offered, cooking is done with water instead of oil, the food is prepared in front of customers in just two minutes and most foods contain less than 10 grams of fat and less than 600 calories.

Teriyaki Experience menus recipes containing rice and pasta, salads and sushi, combining vegetables with white meat chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu, and covered with a sauce of your choice, among which the famous signature Teriyaki sauce.

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