Simple Tips for Making Successful Email Marketing

Today we all know the email as one of the most widely used marketing tools, but most. We are tired of receiving hundreds of emails every day trying to convince us to buy any product, we promise the sky and pretend to be the solution to all our problems. But what we do or not to open an email?, And why some campaigns are successful and others not? Where is the difference to reach our customer get or stay in the bin of your email program?

We can say that the success of an email is marked in several stages:

Segmentation Database

Segmentation is the basis of marketing, we can even say that there would be no marketing without any segmentation.

Segmenting our database is to group the recipients of our email in small groups more or less homogeneous, in which members share common characteristics or interests. The success of our email will be directly proportional to the quality of our database and the segmentation we have created.

How to make a good segmentation? We must first note that is what we have and who is, what their motivations and how we can group all contacts with common interests. Once we have these groups adapt the message to each one of them. This will improve the aperture ratio and response and make our campaign a successful campaign.

Prevent programs from detecting it as spam mail

The first thing we need to get is that our mail server sending the email is not returned to us thinking it is spam. For this, we must take into account certain standards in terms of design and content.

These rules depend on certain parameters such as: what kind of words are included in the message and the characteristics of the customer’s mail server. It is increasingly common for spam servers have more restrictive rules and this brings some changes. There must be a balance between images and text. If we abuse images is more likely that our design runs in the spam folder.

Getting to capture the attention of the sender to open it

Once past the filter server, we get our open email sender, and for this there is nothing better than being creative. Here we must address two basic needs or points to work on: the sender of an email. If this is a known contact by the person receiving the email, is a fundamental value that will facilitate the opening, although this is almost impossible when talking about shipments to potential customers or prospects.

The second and more important to capture the attention of our users is the subject of the email, this will determine at first if the email content is of interest to the recipient or not.

Generic issues we must leave and try to be original and capture the attention of the customers are tired of being bombarded with information that adds value to us and tells us nothing, segmentation is the queen of marketing and as such, must be taken into account here. The price is more and more successful message is for the audience goes, the closer we hit the target.

Pushing the action potential customer to click

Our fourth objective will be to get the attention ¬ tion of the recipient and here, every designer has their rules, or has always said, “each master has his own book.” We have hundreds, thousands of articles that explain how to build a good email: if the images have to be right or left, if we have to put a headline or not, etc … But if there is a maxim that is common to all and we should always follow is: “Less is More.” If we put too much information in the email, not only achieve our potential “customers” are tired of reading it, but it is more likely that we get lower the ratio of clicks email, and have told them everything they need to know before arriving at our destination. But if we just and necessary, if we create excitement in our reader, get to click and go to our destination, ultimate goal of any action by email marketing.

Leads to action to purchase

If we have the first four steps, we are close to success, get the action of purchase, as they pretend, can be purchased in eCommerce, request information or register on any website.

There are several ways to do this, but the most recurrent (for their effectiveness, presence and flexibility) is the landing page or landing page.

A landing page is a page designed to be the fate of either an email or other online marketing tool that allows us to redirect the client to a web (banners, ads, Google AdWords, etc ….)

The goal of a landing page is that the potential customer to find just the information you need and nothing more, why not divert your attention from purchase.

Why direct the customer to a landing page and not on our corporate website? The answer is simple: for the same reason that when a salesperson tries to sell, not tell the customer all the benefits of all company products, but only product that may interest you. In the network, the process is the same, we must focus our client and show the information we want to see, preventing it from navigating to other pages or sections of our website that would distract your attention from the buying action.

If we consider these simple steps when making an email marketing, our success will increase as the profitability of the action.

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