Seducing via IM – Place a good avatar

If you’re talking to an unknown girl and you only get your mail, or if your friend spent the e-mail from a woman you like and do not know what to say because here I’ll give you some tips you have in mind when chatting with a woman and get her phone number or an appointment (though not asking for posts would be ideal, but phone calls).

I understand avatar profile picture that comes out when you open a private chat window, some tips you have in mind when choosing your avatar:

Avoid putting a picture of your favorite band or musical group.

Do not place the image of someone who is attractive as Brad Pitt or some other famous, why leave it to women.

Or place of hearts or flowers avatar or things that a feminine touch.

Note to something more abstract and to suggest, as an image difficult to understand and entertain the mind.

Do not put pictures of you serious (boring), not sad.

Try to put pictures gay, which leaves your face because if you put pictures with your friends notice you do not see very well because the size of the avatar is negligible, so that the picture will look good.

Make it personal photo, which only leave you or at least take some one with a friend in you out hugging and smiling.

You can also put photos of you seriously, but showing authority, for example a photo taken from below.

If your face is battered do some tricks like putting a black or white and blur a little.

Since you can not make a good impression with your body language on the Internet is giving is with pictures and phrases that you put as a personal message.

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