Seducing via IM – Control the conversation

Seducing via IM – Control the conversation

I’ve met women who are silent for a messenger, always answer short questions and it’s like to have the account open and have it just because you do not get interest in the conversation, respond with questions like: yes / no.

Some tips to stories about the girls via IM and control the conversation:

Use exclamation points when you greet, example: Hello. So give the impression of good energy because the sign writing denoting surprise and enthusiasm.

Do not ended questions such as: Do you like parties?, Can answer “yes / no”. Ask more open questions such as: How do I suppose every woman who likes parties and the rumba, tell me what you like about going to parties, why you enjoy it so much?, Possible responses “good if It is true, I like to dance and talk with my friends … ”

Do not be discouraged if you delay in responding, women do appear important in that spirit, perhaps also because they are distracted by watching a video or talking with a friend, that happens all the time, women are entertained easily on the Internet.

If you do not want to drop a number or want to tell anything about his life as something fun Tell your own, make her laugh, comment something funny to you gain confidence.

Avoid asking questions like are the losers, the same old questions: what music do you listen?, What you have many friends? What do you do? What will you do later?, What then more later than you?. Change that to a more original repertoire and teaching: good, tell me what do you do? What do you do for fun?, What was the most pleasant time in your life?, What was the greatest shame for which have happened?, have you had sex on the Internet?.

When a woman avoids answering you also speak in a monotone and with words like “ah”, “yes / no”, “do well”, “Wow!”, “Interesting.” Instead respond with words and if you can answer with another question: “Wow really know how to have fun, what I do is …”,” I really like what I say, I like to know more. ”

When you greet often do not answer, please leave and not connected or stand-by messenger, to give the feeling that you’re busy. This will generate curiosity.

Do not ask too many questions.

Do not delay much time chatting, and think that they have nothing else to do.

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