Search Engine Optimization

I have written about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but this time but that does not get into technical details. I only have a few tips on who is interested:

– Firstly need to write as often

– Use keywords representative to repeat that 2-3 times in the same article

– Write about interesting things and days (during the Olympics in Beijing tripled my traffic!)

– Ask all acquaintances to write an article on their blog blog where to put even a link to your address (not mean that all but insisted they write)

– Results not appear immediately! Have patience

– If you want to make money from blog need to have talent first and secondly enough time.

Who says that only live blogging with 2-3000 unique visitors a day, live a fool! After some calculations simple enough to make good money in my opinion you should at least 100,000 visitors per day. Anybody who has even half of that? Maximum traffic that we had was around 1700 unique visitors a day they have brought about EUR 2 of clicks on ads. Worth?

I can say that at first I had great enthusiasm and hopes for earnings of blogging. Meanwhile I was quiet, I do for pleasure especially as I have many friends and family interested in news about me and my family.

Search Engine Optimization has helped me to have daily average 50-60 (were days and 2-300) visitors arriving from search engines (90% from Google).

It is found enough info on the net about how to do SEO and with little technical knowledge can get great results but as I said, patiently.

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