Pizzeria Bella Italia Franchise

The network of restaurants “Pizzeria Bella Italia” offers its customers products with the delicious Italian cuisine: pizza, pasta as you find in Naples, and delicious desserts.

Bella Italia is the place where you can enjoy the best Italian food with family or friends, the place where you can celebrate a birthday or place for a business meeting.

The franchise for a fast food restaurant and want to turn it into a leading brand.

Franchise Pizzeria Bella Italia is a growing name, registering more and more applications for entry in the franchise network.

Elements of the Pizzeria Bella Italia:

1. in the food preparation and preparing the dough for pizza in a way that can be a little show;
2. warm, family,
3. life-size statue of chefs appetite customers inside;
4. pizzarii bell which announces that a batch is ready to honor the orders;
5. photos of celebrities who ate at Bella Italia;
6. green-yellow uniforms of the staff.

Although you use the registered trademark “Pizzeria Bella-Italia” will keep your business management independence

Reduced risk of failure given the accumulated experience of franchisor

Use of concepts that have demonstrated viability in practice
Staff training, management assistance, technical and commercial from the franchisor
Reducing costs by centralizing purchasing and advertising the activity in the franchise network
Superior bargaining position against third parties, thanks to network size

Unlimited and continuous access to know-how and innovations franchisor

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