Phrases to start the conversation with an unknown girl

Continuing the series of the best lines to start the conversation with an unknown girl, personally I have only practiced the once published in the first half and got good results.

On the other hand, for anyone who is against the sentences input and asserting that a seducer must be “spontaneous” I agree with him, however, support will be able to learn one or two predefined phrases to learn to let go to women, this will help in the background to those rookies to go leaving fear to approach women and for those who want to approach a girl but at the moment can not think of anything.

Phrase 1
You: Hello! you look nice, so I wanted to come to know.

Phrase 2
You: Sorry … You touched me the butt?
Her: no
You: Shit … I thought it was my night, well not care, I’m …  and what’s your name?

Phrase 3
Only if you accidentally hit.
You: ouch! hey listen, if you want to know just tell me, do not need to be so aggressive.

Phrase 4
For a woman who is quite serious.
You: I love your smile.
Sometimes it ironic that you can let go a smile.

Phrase 5.
A strong statement that works only with girls who are approached by a lot of guys, the idea is to make a difference to others.
You: Hello … I’m here because I want to talk to the prettiest girl here.
She: Thanks!
You: but as I found at least speak with you. What is your name?

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