Lizarran Group Franchise

Lizarran Group is one of the largest number of restaurants in Spain and one in the field of traditional food “tapas”.

Lizarran Group is one of the largest number of restaurants in Spain and one in the field of traditional food “tapas”.

In Spain is a proponent of franchising site, with members two main business lines:
-Select Lizarran Tabernas
-HC Happy crak

With over 150 locations Lizarran group in late 2003 recorded a turnover of € 54 million.

Franchise network stretches and outside Spain: Germany, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Andorra, etc..

Pizzeria Bella Italia Franchise

The network of restaurants “Pizzeria Bella Italia” offers its customers products with the delicious Italian cuisine: pizza, pasta as you find in Naples, and delicious desserts.

Bella Italia is the place where you can enjoy the best Italian food with family or friends, the place where you can celebrate a birthday or place for a business meeting.

The franchise for a fast food restaurant and want to turn it into a leading brand.

Franchise Pizzeria Bella Italia is a growing name, registering more and more applications for entry in the franchise network.

Elements of the Pizzeria Bella Italia:

1. in the food preparation and preparing the dough for pizza in a way that can be a little show;
2. warm, family,
3. life-size statue of chefs appetite customers inside;
4. pizzarii bell which announces that a batch is ready to honor the orders;
5. photos of celebrities who ate at Bella Italia;
6. green-yellow uniforms of the staff.

Although you use the registered trademark “Pizzeria Bella-Italia” will keep your business management independence

Reduced risk of failure given the accumulated experience of franchisor

Use of concepts that have demonstrated viability in practice
Staff training, management assistance, technical and commercial from the franchisor
Reducing costs by centralizing purchasing and advertising the activity in the franchise network
Superior bargaining position against third parties, thanks to network size

Unlimited and continuous access to know-how and innovations franchisor

Broaster Chicken Franchise

Restaurant fast food originating from the U.S., with over 5,000 locations open throughout over 50 years of activity.

The concept is well optimized for the average area offering an excellent return.

Chicken menu items of its customers and attract a continuous control of food and impeccable quality make chiken Broaster a very interesting concept for the franchise market in Romania.

Broaster Company has headquarters in Beloit, Wisconsin, was very well represented in the United States.

Broaster Chicken is a fast food restaurant specializing in chicken preparations. Genuine Broaster Chicken ® starts from the highest quality chicken, carefully marinated and coated with specially formulated Broaster ingredients.

Then, as each order is received, the chicken is put inside fripteuzei pressure created by the Broaster Company, especially for cooking each piece of chicken “under pressure” in their own juice, limiting the absorption of oil and chicken to the bone marinand while chicken wraps with golden crust, fresh and crispy.

The result is Genuine Broaster Chicken ®. No other process, no substitution of Broaster ® ingredients can duplicate his famous taste, texture and delicious Broaster ® flavor.

Broaster ® food recipes gives you all the spices full of flavor marinadele skins and a complete line of quality foods which are rapidly frozen for delicious and distinctive taste that can only be the Broaster.

From baby-cut-to-8-pieces, the products that fillets boneless chicken or popcorn chicken at fast food as spicy wings, potato slices, cheese chopsticks, fillets of cod, shrimp, and sea cat, Fri those popular dishes prepared for easy cooking preparation and operator convenience.

Restaurant profitability, recupararea investment is made in about 6 months.

Teriyaky Experience Franchise

Teriyaky Experience is a healthy alternative to fast food concept, an Asian concept of fast food, fresh food prepared on site, using water instead of oil.

Under the slogan “Live Light, Eat Right ‘(Live light, eat right) Teriyaki Experience promotes its healthy recipes worldwide since 1986, with a total of about 130 locations to date and plans for expansion to another 470 locations coming years.

To open a location Teriyaki, you need a space in a food court (30-40 sqm) or a street space (100-150 sqm) whose arrangement will be made by the franchisor.

Top restaurants in World were opened in every place, seeking franchise partners across the country to open new locations.

For all the menus offered, cooking is done with water instead of oil, the food is prepared in front of customers in just two minutes and most foods contain less than 10 grams of fat and less than 600 calories.

Teriyaki Experience menus recipes containing rice and pasta, salads and sushi, combining vegetables with white meat chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu, and covered with a sauce of your choice, among which the famous signature Teriyaki sauce.

Daylight Donuts Franchise

Daylight Donuts is a true symbol of the United States, being known to the rest of the world through its network of international franchises built.

Daylight Donuts on international development began in 1999, then reaching network in about 65 countries.

At present there are over 900 units open Daylight Donuts, a result of the special relationship the company has established its consumer products, which is a key issue in the company’s activity

The fact that donuts are a very loved food in the U.S., country of origin of Daylight Donuts, seen from the fact that this is the second food as it produces profits from sales, for that country. This ensures business Daylight Donuts, along with the reputation of the name, market success, say those who manage the business.

Company History:

Launched in 1954, Daylight Donuts was founded by Tommy and Lucille Day in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The two launched the mixture to donuts that enshrined that name. The name is a name join those who launched the business, day, and the word “light”, according cuvand to describe texture and taste of Daylight Donuts.

The business was taken over in time for Jerry and Linda Hull in 1977 by John and Sheila Bond in 2002, those continuing to enrich the product range offered by Daylight Donuts.

In the seven years of experience, was searched that all quality standards, products realized the raw material, packaging and accessories imported directly from Daylight Corporation USA.

Conditions of entry in the franchise:

You need to purchase from us the entire lab donuts (which imported from USA), which costs around 20,000 to 25,000 USD (equipment may be new or second hand).

All raw materials for preparing donuts sites is brought from the U.S.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Franchise

Gloria Jean’s Coffees use only Arabica coffee beans from the best quality, hand picked – of which only 2% meet the standards Gloria Jean’s Coffees.
November fry meticulously coffee standards of ensuring that our clients receive the same delicious cup of coffee every day.

Gloria Jean’s brings more than 50 kinds of coffee and a wide range of fine teas and cocoa.

Gloria Jean’s is also the largest chain of coffee shops in shopping malls in the United States.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Franchise Advantages:

A business format unbeatable
A business format franchise unbeatable on the field, increasing worldwide, enables the individual to be part of a large network of success.

A proven operating system
With years of experience in the business market, a recognized organization has already eliminated many errors for your further research and development means operations will continue to improve.

Recognized and purchasing power relations Dealers
Enjoy the benefits of an international network while you develop your business.

A comprehensive training program
From the first day, you’ll know what works and what does not work. You will master all aspects of store operations, marketing and management with training done in a professional manner – including practical training in store operations.

Permanent support of international organizations
Work for you – not one. Use your experience of experienced professionals with knowledge in the field of long coffee, merchandise and management. Enjoy the full support of our personnel office and the field of marketing materials and regular meetings with other franchisees Gloria Jean’s.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Franchise Costs:

Franchise Fee: 25,000 euros.

The total investment for a location “key”: from 150,000 to 200,000 euros (depending on size of location)

How is the franchise royalty and receiving?
Franchise fee is 6% of gross sales. Franchise fee covers a great variety of assistance and management services offered by Gloria Jean’s, including:

-Seminars and retail coffee sales, training programs.
-Rigid quality control standards.
-An ongoing research and development of new products and equipment.
-Establishment and the seller and distributors.
-High purchasing power.
-Preparation and distribution of manuals and videotapes of training of the day.
-Improving operational accounting systems and procedures information.
-Regional Directors assist franchisees on all aspects of daily operations and ensure appropriate levels of performance and quality standards.

There is an advertising fee and, if any, what kind of advertising and promotional support will I receive?
Yes. Franchisees participate in a program of promotion and advertising based on a monthly contribution of 2% of gross sales. Advertising and promotion are an essential part of image development and Gloria Jean’s franchise network. This fund is earmarked for advertising shops and other support services.

Materials include:

-Brochures produced to educate our customers.
-Distribution of press releases to the media.
-Production in promotional literature.
-Exposure points of sale.
-High quality advertising materials.
-The final rule increases the Gloria Jean’s brand and expand market awareness of the client.

Search Engine Optimization

I have written about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but this time but that does not get into technical details. I only have a few tips on who is interested:

– Firstly need to write as often

– Use keywords representative to repeat that 2-3 times in the same article

– Write about interesting things and days (during the Olympics in Beijing tripled my traffic!)

– Ask all acquaintances to write an article on their blog blog where to put even a link to your address (not mean that all but insisted they write)

– Results not appear immediately! Have patience

– If you want to make money from blog need to have talent first and secondly enough time.

Who says that only live blogging with 2-3000 unique visitors a day, live a fool! After some calculations simple enough to make good money in my opinion you should at least 100,000 visitors per day. Anybody who has even half of that? Maximum traffic that we had was around 1700 unique visitors a day they have brought about EUR 2 of clicks on ads. Worth?

I can say that at first I had great enthusiasm and hopes for earnings of blogging. Meanwhile I was quiet, I do for pleasure especially as I have many friends and family interested in news about me and my family.

Search Engine Optimization has helped me to have daily average 50-60 (were days and 2-300) visitors arriving from search engines (90% from Google).

It is found enough info on the net about how to do SEO and with little technical knowledge can get great results but as I said, patiently.

Use social networks to your website

Use social networks to your website

We’re back again with some tips you can increase your Internet access page, the general public!

One of the most popular methods and also simpler, less annoying I might say, is composed of many social networks.
For those who have not yet had the opportunity to get in touch, although I believe it is appropriate, social networks are modular in that you can change your mind with your neighbor, known or unknown.
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