Custom Vacations in Africa – Kruger National Park

Changing provisions of this region will captivate you, the day was again devoted to exploring the wilderness, behind an open 4×4 vehicle or on foot during walking. Smaller creatures of the area, although not as known as much help in this ecosystem. Can be a pleasure to watch these creatures in their usual way. Everything that lives here and the delicate balance that exists between them is protected in this area is a treasure we must protect it wisely.

Safari in Zululand: A walk in Sabi Sand last followed by breakfast, after which tourists are transferred to a local track for a charter flight to Phinda Private Game Reserve located in the region Maputoland in northern Kwa Zulu Natal. Reserve bordering the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park which was declared world heritage. After refresh, the afternoon is dedicated to first reserve this unique safari in Zululand.

Custom Vacations to Africa, the Kruger and Zululand Safari

Grand Kruger and Zululand Safari combines two of the best areas for safari in South Africa. Safariul begins and ends in Johannesburg. First to organize a safari in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve which is part of the great Kruger National Park, and then we go to Phinda Private Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu Natal. In both areas, are held daily two open 4X4 safariuri you are accompanied by foresters and experienced personnel.

Kruger National Park: Tourists are greeted on arrival in Johannesburg International Airport or other location of your choice in Pretoria or Johannesburg, where they are transferred by charter flight to Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. Reserve has about 65,000 hectares and was named after the two main rivers flowing through it. Most of the best safari lodges in South Africa is here. The afternoon is dedicated to a first open 4X4 safari accompanied by an experienced ranger. Road to be extended until the evening when the predators become active.

Africa Safari – Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls

Called “last Eden African, Botswana hide some of the most spectacular places, is quite a favorite of amateur-Benefit Glorious Nation of safari in Africa. Unique ecosystem, the Okavango Delta is the largest desert in the middle of the world: the Kalahari. When land and water meet is born a patchwork of fields, forests and waterways that form a unique habitat for hundreds of species of birds and animals.

After a few unforgettable days in the delta you discover a mokoro, a traditional canoe, heading up the impressive Victoria Falls, the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Advantage of the many fun activities: helicopter overflights of the zone, with elephant safaris, horse rides, cruises on the Zambezi River. Country magic, bathed by the Indian Ocean, Kenya seduces by its magnificent landscapes, with huge parks and reserves that shelter a unique flora and fauna.

Africa – Massa Mara National Reserve

Most famous natural reserve of Kenya, Mara Massa is World Heritage. Located on the border with Tanzania, the Serengeti Park still has a stretch of 16 000 km2, which are often-fa Miss a unique spectacle. Every year, Massa Mara is witnessing the migration of antelopes and zebras that remain for several months in these places to start then to the Serengeti plains.

Massa Mara is also the country population Massa who climbed over the Nile and settled in the highlands of Kenya and Tanzania. Nairobi, Mara arrive in mass in an hour with Air Kenya. Kichwa Tembo Camp is one of the most popular resorts in the mass Mara, where you can get a full pension. A walking safari is an ordinary, much less in mass Mara where you live some of the best moments.

Safari vacation in Africa

A wonderful holiday for all lovers of adventure, a unique experience that you will carry with you throughout your life. 15 days away from crowded cities, days when you get a chance to visit: Victoria Falls, the region of Zambia, Lusaka city (capital of Zambia) Lake Malawi (the third longest lake in Africa, a lake with numerous species of tropical fish) .

Mikumi National Park (with an area of 75.000kmp house many species of wild animals including the gazelle, leopard, lion, and many other bird species), land of Zanzibar (archipelago is near the east African coast is comprises the main island of the same name which has an area of 1658 square kilometers and with 984kmp Pemba island, the area is known as the most beautiful beach in Africa, where great food is made up of mostly seafood). During these days accommodation will be made in the campsites.

This trip is a luxury safari. Often the trip will be filled by moisture, dust and wind, sun and rough roads, but it will be full of adventure and uniquely beautiful places, enjoying such an experience.

Tourist Destination: ISRAEL

The country is bounded to the north by Lebanon, Syria to the north-east, east of Jordan, south-west by Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea, the vest. Munti and plains, deserts and fertile lands are often located within minutes of each others. Width country from the Mediterranean Sea, the west to the Dead Sea to the east, can be crossed by car in about 90 minutes and it takes about nine hours to get from Metula, in the extreme north of the country , to Eilat in the south end.

Israel can be divided into four geographical regions: three in the form of parallel stripes, from north to south and a fourth region, mostly arid, located in the southern half. Coastal plain, which lies alongside the Mediterranean Sea, is composed of sand dunes, bordered by farmland that extend up to 40 km inside the country. In the north, sandy beaches is sometimes punctuated by limestone cliffs and sandy. Coastal plain provides shelter to more than half of the population, consisting of 6.5 million people and includes major urban centers.

Destinations: Bahrain

Small island in the Persian Gulf country, whose only land border is with Saudi Arabia, the very name evokes the endless expanses of water, in Arabic, Bahrain means “two big”. United appears that they claim a land that belongs to the right and slowly recovering from the sands of beautiful beaches.

Headwear is very important to protect the hot rays of the sun. Credit Cards: They are widely accepted in all regions of the country for a wide range of goods and services.

Currency: The official currency is the dinar. Climate: From June to mid-September temperatures are very high. Recommended visiting period is from November to March, avoiding during Ramadan, when finding an empty room can be a problem.

Tourist Destination: SRI LANKA

Anuradhapura was the first capital of Sri Lanka, founded in the 5th century BC, . It is situated at a distance of about 206 km from Colombo. Sacred Bo Tree is the oldest tree in the world with 2200 years old, is said to have increased the log under which the Buddha was enlightened.

Definitely worth visiting these: Abhayagiri Dagaba, Jetavanaramaya – which is the largest remnant of a building in Anuradhapura and had a height of 328 ft, accommodating as many as 2500 monks – Brazen Palace, Thuparama Dagaba – one of the oldest temples in Anuradhapura – and Mirisavati Dagaba.

Tourist Destination: New Zealand

The principals  two main islands of New Zealand, north and south, and its many islands stretch over an area of not less than 267,700 square kilometers in southern Australia. Matchless beauty of this territory was appreciated since the time when Polynesian explorer Kúpele told to return home on a country with mountains enveloped in fog.

In the north – indeed the most populated – you can still admire a lot of active volcanoes and beaches. There was also the state capital, Wellington. South, although less inhabitants, has a higher tension: many islands, islets and peninsulas that attract both tourists and also people with a spirit of adventure. In the midst of a huge reserve is to be found Mount Cook, a paradise of clouds and ice, the wild rocks and alpine flowers. Above the clouds, the forests are alive like water fed rivers and waterfalls that seem to spring from heaven.

Tourist Destination: Kenya

Located deep in the heart of Africa, Kenya embodies everything you ever dreamed it would mean black continent. The very name evokes a herd of elephants advancing on fertile pastures shaded by magnificent mountain Kilimanjaro. Surface is two and a half times higher than Great Britain.

In this country you will find more than 50 parks and nature reserves, covering 8% of the entire area – the third of England. Many of these parks are famous worldwide: Masai Mara with its rich and varied wildlife, Amboseli, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tsavo, the impressive number of elephants, Lake Nakuru, in this fascinating plumage pink flamingos. The first destination of Africa, Kenya offers the opportunity to observe and shoot all the continent’s large animal species. Buffalo, elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards are more numerous here than anywhere else.

In the western Rift Valley is one of the most famous geological formations, along which you will see eight lakes, some fresh water, more alkaline water, a paradise for many species of birds. In this area – where there is the famous Lake Victoria – Kenyan agricultural center, focused mainly on tea and coffee crops. In the north Mount Kenya offers unforgettable sights. And when you approach the Indian Ocean, like go into another world: the air is more humid, the sun seems brighter on the beaches that stretch over a distance of 500 km.