Mona Island in Puerto Rico: Caribbean Vacaciones

Mona Island in Puerto Rico: Caribbean Vacaciones

If you are looking for free contact with pure nature, but also a place where the weather is always delicious, clean waters and air of unparalleled purity, we tell you that there is an island in the Caribbean where you can find all this together in one place: Mona Island in Puerto Rico.

This is one of the most important natural reserves in the Caribbean and Central America, has hardly been invaded by the destructive hand of man has in his nearly 80 square kilometers vegetation and fauna that give a high ecological value.

The name of this authentic and very attractive Caribbean paradise is due to the chief of the Arawak tribe that once lived in the area before the arrival of the conquistadores.

To reach this small piece of land amid the warm Caribbean, we should hire one of the tours depart daily to the island. On this tour you will see the fantastic cliffs have been formed by erosion since ancient times, besides having the possibility to snorkel and dive the amazing coral reefs that fringe the golden beaches and some even have become a major gaps to depths greater than five meters. A place full of nature, to the best relaxation away from the madding crowd.

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