Manual infallible: the most spectacular types of kisses

Although often decide to stay with one of the types of kisses that works for us, the truth is that there are a multitude of types of kisses that we try to enjoy and surprise that special someone, besides being a great tool to learn how to win a woman and know how to kiss.

If you are someone who likes change or want to try a new variation, we present the 15 types of kisses that make you more successful.

Kiss of false courtesy of the types of kisses that we present is the initial one. This type of kiss usually occurs especially when we salute the person we are interested in and is characterized by a variant of the typical bold kiss on the cheek, the only thing this, besides being on the cheek, there is very close to the corner of the lips. Kiss is a fairly common approach.

Stolen kiss: The stolen kiss is one of the most used when we kiss someone we like and it does not leave us. The stolen kiss kissing is often used to rotate the free face in the last minute and get a kiss on the lips (or peak). The stolen kisses can kill good or bad, depending on the predisposition of the person, so to know how to kiss well, you must be very careful.

Pico is one of the basic types of kisses and that usually begins in our amorous dalliances. It is characterized as an innocent kiss in the lips of both parties rub (usually quickly) without any further claim. Is the typical greeting kiss between couples and the most popular quick kiss.

Kissing with tongue: These types are the most famous kisses as far as kissing is concerned. As its name suggests, tongue kisses are those in which language is the last and final star. If you’re wondering how to kiss with tongue know that almost everything is allowed, as well as being the trigger of many kisses.

Screw Kiss: One of the variants of the types of kisses with tongue, but much deeper. Kiss Kiss screw or screw, is one in which both languages ​​are screwed together. A kiss is usually quite common in adolescence and sometimes fiery is needed in more direct contact.

Kiss browser: again, a new variant of the kiss with tongue. The browser is a type kiss kiss where the tongue is inserted into the mouth of another person and “explore” all elements of it: teeth, gums, tongue, etc..

Kiss helix: the last variation of the types of kisses with tongue. In this kiss tongue acts like an airplane propeller in the mouth of another person, sometimes changing direction and duration.

Lapa Kiss: This kiss is the types of kisses that are often used in moments of great passion and who are passionate kisses. This is usually trapped tongue kiss your partner with our lips and play with her bed imitating certain practices that are also made with the mouth.

Kiss Vampire: the types of kisses this is what should be monitored especially carefully. In the kiss vampire teeth form a fundamental role. Vampire’s Kiss is one in which after playing with the lips of our partners, we give a little “bite”. We can also carry the bites to the body.

Butterfly Kiss is a type of kiss a lot of fun in which one person, or both, gives successively shorter beaks and kissing the other person, either in the mouth or anywhere on the face. Besides being fun is one of the types of kisses sweeter, because only you dare to take these kisses when you feel deep connection with other people.

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