Las Islas CIES, Galicia – Spain

Good life lovers come here in June, July and August to spend some days near perfect holiday in Praia sand dunes often Rodas, who hid a quiet lagoon with clear water and green. Locals refer to an improper “Caribbean Beach”, but the title is not a compliment. Most tourists who visited the Caribbean and then stopped in Las Islas CIES say that the location of Spain is far above any beaches in the Caribbean.

According to specialists in quality sand beaches, the sand here is the finest in the world, that feeling of being naked foot steps on a field of soft cotton. And lucky to come here, they can stay in one location area, a complex shaded by tall pines, overlooking the waters oceanului. When think the beaches of Spain, in view of the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and Mallorca, huh? That’s only if you like crowded and tanning chair next chair.

To initiate and those in category “world best”, Spain offers a secret kept away from the Vulgate. It is a small fragment of paradise, hidden in wild and isolated coast province of Galicia, Spain near the border with Portugal.┬áThere, bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, there is a jewel of nature. To get it, you must imbarchezi a boat from the small town of Baiona fish, to become islands Las Islas CIES.

After about 40 minutes by motorized boat, have already stepped in the most exclusive beach in Spain. Once a pirate hideout perfect, location was included recently in a nature reserve, which may as well be inspired, because he remained so wild and untouched by the fury of property developers. And not to disturb creatures on the island, tourists are only allowed access during the summer months.

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