Lady Gaga has the cover of You and I

Another tribute for Lady Gaga? It would seem. A few days before the release of her new single, You and I, the singer has to present the artwork. Crimea, she reminds us of someone.

Lady Gaga Lady Gainsbourg? Never close an imitation, the singer has unveiled the cover of her future single, You and I. And for the photo, she Crimea in man, as on the cover of Vogue Japan, a few months ago. Except that this time, this man reminds us of someone: Serge Gainsbourg. Tribute to French singer? Possible, given that Lady Gaga is an accomplished Francophile. This cover reminds including that of Love on the Beat, released in 1984, on which Gainsbourg was disguised as a woman. Even cigarette, even brash poses, even black and white art.

It was on Twitter that the singer has chosen to reveal this vision, together with the comment: “You will never find what you need in love if you do not love yourself.”

Having read the title on several television shows, we now waiting for the single, shot in Nebraska some time ago.

Mother Monster has already warned that this clip would be his 1000th post on Twitter.

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