I to know if my girlfriend is a virgin

I to know if my girlfriend is a virgin

The mouth

  • The eyes, if you know to look in them, clearly show if a woman is virgin or not.
  • The pupil of the virgin, is very clear, bright and small.
  • The eye appears smooth and never firmly supports the look of a man, unless he makes an effort to do so.



  • The gait of the Virgin is often and collected.
  • Even when you take steps long, never opens his legs too.

Conclusive Evidence

  • This test is inconclusive, and pull any doubt
  • Take a thin rope or string and measure the circumference of the neck of the woman in question.
  • A given measure, add twice as much.
  • Ask the woman under any pretext to hold both ends of the rope in his mouth, and try to move your head around the circle formed by the rope.
  • If you can do easily, you can say for certain that not a virgin.
  • If instead it shows clumsiness or can not do this, we can consider that the lady is a real girl.

Another theory is:

  • Social and popular myths continue to haunt the seduction and sexuality. And therefore the myths on sexuality did not wait. For years it was believed that there is a surefire way to tell if a woman is a virgin or not.

Today I want to deal with you an issue that is therefore very sensitive … “How to tell if a woman is a virgin.”

Well, previously thought to be a woman ceased to be a virgin when the famous hymen be broken.

The Hymen.

  • But what is the hymen?The hymen is a thin layer which is located at the entrance to the vagina of women.
  • Many in the past, believed that if a girl’s hymen was broken, was a sign that the girl in question is no longer a virgin. Sadly this is not true. The hymen can not determine if a woman is a virgin or not.

A very, very sticky myth that they are still taught to many people. Since there are women who are not born with a hymen, and thus remain virgins until marriage. Others have instead of the hymen, so that can not be broken, ie it can be a woman who has had sex more than once, and the hymen is not broken.

In conclusion, there is no foolproof way to ensure you or at least indicate that a woman you still a virgin.

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