How to tell if a person lies

Read the body language is key to predict many things about people, this article will give you some signs to tell if someone is telling lies.

I want to make a clarification before: you have to look at this as a set of gestures to help you make your conclusions, at least if you see you for three or more I’m going to describe is because something is wrong, that person is lying.

Many of these gestures are the same when the person is standing or sitting, although there are some guidelines that are in a position but is not in the other, so I’ll classify gestures into three parts:

  • Common gestures, which are both standing and sitting
  • It dilates the pupil, shrink or enlarge.
  • Touching the nose can be a small scratch or touch.
  • You dodge the look, avoid direct contact yourself.
  • He passes his hand through his hair.
  • Move your body from side to side as if trying to say “No” to the body.
  • It moves fast, is restless.
  • Your body loses a bit of flab.
  • Place a few fingers in the mouth.
  • Slightly lower her voice and talk a little between cut, doing too many breaks.

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