How to deal with people who ignore you

Dealing with people who ignore you can be humiliating, stressful and confusing. However, with time, effort, some thought and a plan, you can kill it.

The first thing you have to do to deal with people who ignore you is to examine what is happening. Think if there is something you have said or done that may have triggered this situation.

First, think of something you could do or say, and you were able to disturb these people. Look back and think about the moment they started to ignore you. Are offended in any way? Perhaps unintentionally said something hurtful? Or perhaps you’ve neglected for a long time and they feel offended?

Now, think: could it be that these people are busy? Or maybe you are trying to tell you something … Perhaps they are feeling ignored or abandoned. Is it possible to think you’re too busy to deal with them? There may be many factors that make a person ignore another.

If this person or people you care about, and wish to restore the relationship, find out what bothers them. Talk to them and see what happens. Now if these people do not like, and bring nothing but frustration to your life, then forget them and move on.

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