How and Where To Find a Hot Boyfriend?!

I know there are many readers who follow us, girls who have no luck finding what they want and hope that these pages you will find the answer to how to get boyfriend.

Some believe that here men better understood, some people think they have to “translate” the seduction techniques of their field …! Very lucky about it, I would like to comment on your results!.

But anyway, today I spent on them share a number of thoughts that can help them stop being single if you are so eager to catch a beau.

If you want your chances of finding a good guy willing to put up with you should consider that:

· The handsome men are almost never cool.
· Men are cool … are ugly.
· The handsome, cool, with whom you can talk extensively and understands you perfectly … is GAY.
· The handsome, good wave, which can speak broadly and is not gay … is because he is madly in love with another.
· The men handsome, cool and heterosexuals … are married.
· The married man, cool, handsome and heterosexual … is a womanizer.
· The married man, cool, handsome, heterosexual and sympathetic as it is believed … is even more womanizer.
· The handsome, faithful and good vibes … species is a catalog of extinction … and find this difficult.
· The men handsome, gallant and good wave … have no money.
· The men handsome, cool, money and gallant … do not want to compromise.
· Men ugly, good vibes and money … think they are beautiful.
· The men handsome, friendly and money … We believe that only after his money.
· The more or less handsome men, with some money and fairly nice … women believe they deserve “11”
· The handsome men, very friendly and exceedingly gallant but no money … are after your money. (I think none)
· Men ugly, unfriendly and no money … are unnecessary on this planet.
· Men ugly and no money … are very very very tough.
· Men tenacious … achieve their goal.
· The ugly men get their goal … are filled with vanity and begin to believe they are handsome and money.
· The handsome men without money, and are not after our money … they are a failure.
· The more or less handsome man, with money reasonable and something nice, do not think you’re pretty enough for him.
· The man who thinks you’re beautiful, it is reasonably cool and has some money … never come near you because you’re afraid to reject it. (?)
· Men who are reasonably good looking, reasonably cool and have some money … are shy and never take the initiative.
· The men who never take the initiative … automatically lose interest when you take the initiative.
· The man who takes the initiative and are … or you lose interest easily qualify.
· The man who takes the initiative and not for the moment … think you’re a fool.
· The man who believes you are a fool … probably call you 1000 times.
· The Man Who calls you … you call it.
· The man you call him … do not support it.
· The man who supports you … you call it.
· The man who supports you and you call it … is elusive to be caught.
· The man who wants to join in a bar with you and you like … you think your dressed in white veil.

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