Hot Messages for Boyfriend

Looking for sexy text messages to send to a naughty someone? Use these 20 subtle and sexy texts to set the mood for the naughtiest conversations.


I want you right now

My dear, yesterday was fantastic, I can’t wait to have more of that

You are mine now, tomorrow and forever!

I dreamed that I was lying in bed with you last night. We were so close and your skin was hot. I never wanted to wake up.

You are my lover, forever.

I’ve been very, very bad today… I think you should do something about that tonight…

I know you’re busy today, but can you add one thing to your to-do list? Me.

In 30 minutes I’ll be getting off. Will you be here to join in the fun?

I just got out of the shower. Thinking of you while I was in it. Now I feel more dirty.

Your diner is ready, or would you rather have dessert first?

I don’t really find Ryan Gosling attractive, to be honest.

Nope, no guys are coming – just a night out with the girls!

Look, I’m on my period this week so I might be a little crazy. Let’s hang out once it’s over.

Doctor says I can’t have sugar. It’s okay though, I’d rather have you, honey!

I want to play with my favourite toy tonight.

I need a / a sex slave for tonight. Are you available?

That night I could not sleep. I wanted to feel your warm body against my skin. I wanted to feel your hands to play with my body. But you were not. I miss you.

Last night was AMAZING. [Gotta love a good ego boost]

My parents can’t make it, looks like you won’t have to meet them until next year!

Can you believe what happened in *show you both watch* last night??

I want as you are with me in my room in my bed with me. I’m naked under my sheets and I think of you.

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