Honeymoons in Dominican Republic – The Best Beaches of Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has the best beaches in the Caribbean, some of which are considered by UNESCO the best worldwide. Here we show the Dominican beaches you should visit during your stay in the Dominican Republic.

Playa Bavaro

Equipped with a large number of complex, this beach is located in Punta Cana, is undoubtedly one of the best among all (which is saying something). His calm, turquoise waters, white sand and snow can make us believe that we have the wrong place. La Playa Bavaro is considered also as an ideal place for shopping: the market is special to be brought all kinds of crafts.

Playa Caletón

Mangroves near the Gri Gri Lagoon, southeast of Sosua is the Caletón or the Beach. One of the great deals that presents the Caletón it comes to tours for each of the mysterious caverns in the area. For adventure lovers, this is the spot indicated.

Cayo Levantado

Located in Samana, Cayo Levantado is paradise island: the beaches are clean and quiet and also have huge coconut palms leaning towards the warm water with green and flowery gardens. Being an island, of course we have much ground to investigate but is that any site in the Dominican Republic is a paradise.

Playa Grande

This is perhaps the choicest beach frequented by local tourists. Naturally, given the number of tourists coming into the area, it is difficult to prove (data are lost in the melting pot). Amen natural landscape, the Playa Grande Rio San Juan has an interesting range of options in entertainment, given the number of bars that are in the area, it is not unusual to enjoy the beach and listening, background, the best tropical music.


With an area of ​​almost ten miles and covered by beautiful shade-producing palms, Bayahibe is a perfect place for those looking not as quiet as an asset. What happened was that there abound many fishing boats and sports. So the whole place is presented as the ultimate alternative to surf or playing sports. The only danger: the stripes.

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