Happy Birthday Wishes and Sms for Facebook


Happy birthday, you’re not getting older you’re just a little closer to death.

No matter how old you get, we don’t think you’ll ever grow up. Happy birthday!

Happy Bday! How old you are, I won’t ask…

To the nation’s best kept secret; your true age.

Always take your birthday wishes with a grain of salt,
some lemon and a bottle of tequila

Amazing that you were once a helpless little child, but now you a giant helpless person! Have fun blowing out all the candles on your cake!

Enjoy your special day. May your wishes come true and… your wife not find out!

It’s your lucky day! But be careful and don’t set your cake on fire with so many candles!!!

Birthdays are like boogers, the more you have the harder it is to breathe.

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest!

Wherever I go, people celebrate my birthday.
Whenever you go, people celebrate your birthday…

Happy birthday to a person who is smart, good looking, and funny and reminds me a lot of myself.

We know we’re getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it.

Happy birthday on your very special day, I hope that you don’t die before you eat your cake.

Stop counting the candles and start thinking about your wishes.

Birthdays are just finger posts on the road of getting old…

At your birthday party,
everybody loves you!
After your birthday party,
everybody hates you!

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