Franchises – Cleaning Services

Ariel Services specializes in cleaning and maintenance services tailored and peculiarities of all kinds of spaces and locations. Firm offer complete cleaning services include interior, ranging from joint operations (cleaning and degreasing floors with detergent suitable carpet vacuuming, window cleaning and disinfection, etc.). To complex operations (cleaning carpets and rugs, cleaning heaters and scales suction-ventilation) and cleaning after construction.

Company seeks potential partners and franchisees nationwide to offer professional cleaning and maintenance services throughout the entire territory, making available to them: 1) material resources necessary – strippers, detergents for cleaning floors, carpet, bathrooms, maintenance products and wood floors, all solutions are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and clean.

2) equipment and professional tools – single disc machines, vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners and liquid cleaners carpet foam based dry cleaning machine with dry wash system. Are characterized by a construction equipment ergonomics, low noise, high reliability and increased productivity. In addition, they can very easily transported and handled.

3) Ariel Services team experience in the field – team cleaning agents are trained to Western standards is reflected in increased efficiency in fulfilling orders by following procedures.

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