Franchise – Personalized Playing Cards for Children

J.M student spent a beautiful afternoon with family, playing cards. Package used was one quite popular in the U.S. at that time, with photos printed books the most important players in the National Hockey League. “One day I get myself a picture-book that,” he said at one time seven-year-old nephew of J. and instanteneu a business idea to shine in the minds of young students.

In six months, he already had a small business offering customized packages with playing cards, a business that has grown continuously since then. His company, Future Stars Sports Photography, currently has an impressive experience: over 250,000 copies and photographed a wide range of objects that can be customized, some quite common (key chains, calendars, school schedules, mugs, pens, mouse Pads, shirts), but more unusual: a color print reproduces the cover of your favorite sports and photography that is to be found small client front page of a newspaper sports (made in the same idea), pennants, trophies or panels basketball land behind the house – all bearing the picture of the child and appropriate text.

For photography, the company has a huge studio in a total space of approximately 1,200 sqm. 30 employees working here which deals with both the shooting itself and the computer model for designing future product, inserting digital images taken in the studio. During peak months, they end up producing more than 100,000 custom objects.

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