Franchise – Library of books at half price

“Remainders” means books at half price – unsold copies of a wrong publisher circulation, cover, title, subject or price. The term was born in the United States where this market is active in the early years of last century. In Europe only just arrived in the ’60s, when Italian Biagio Mellon and opened its first outlet in Milan.

Book at half price formula stated immediately in Italy. Today, remainders owns about 3% of the book market in the peninsula, with a turnover in 2006 exceeding 50 million. Small commercial addition, large amounts of merchandise sold.

How does remainders market? Publishers do not sell directly to retail merchants, but wholesalers, who buy large quantities of unsold books at a discount price between 85 and 90%. From them, the trader buys books at 20-30% of the cover price, then reselling them for 50%. Added margin trading is not very attractive, because that’s why turnover should be higher.

Location is a factor. Not really necessary to open outlet in the city zero – is sufficient identification of pedestrian traffic, for example, subway stations, near schools, commercial complexes .

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