Franchise – Fitness for women only

After 27 years, F.K, founder of titness, noticed how bad it is for women to use a common fitness room: handling difficulties and their mounting devices created problems, the system of operational up / down and could lead to injury, plus any atmosphere itself was not attractive. F.K came up with a new concept of room to eliminate these disadvantages.

First, it was a location strictly for women, with an appropriate setting, in place of professional designers, then, all devices were hydraulic (no weights needed), and their use implied movements pulled / pushed, much less dangerous. Finally, exercise programs were both fitness programs, and weight loss (as customers shot two birds with one shot) and had a duration of only 30 minutes, which makes them very accessible.

Today, Curves franchise is an international network with over 9,000 locations. The initial investment to enter the business is $ 44.900, the amount that includes a set of devices with 24 workstations, appropriate training, operational manuals, tailored to the specific advice of the franchisee. Monthly fees must be paid 6% of the turnover and an advertising fee of 3%, which will go towards promoting the overall chain .

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