Franchise – artistic arrangement of fresh fruit

Such a bouquet is a real delight for the eyes and tongue, he perfectly combining a slice of orange or grapefruit, pears and strawberries cut artisitic, bananas cut in various forms. Of course, all fruits are very fresh. The product is an excellent gift for any occasion and can be purchased directly from an Edible Arrangements store or by delivery to the address, at a certain time. For this second situation, Edible company uses a van with refrigeration compartment.

The business was launched in 1999 by Tariq Farid, who already had 11 years experience in the field of classical floral arrangements. Fruit bouquet idea discovered it during a trip and suddenly inspired to try to test it: armed with a few crates of fruit and a set of knives, began to make roses from the flowers of strawberry and pineapple. He gave her a personal note pouring in some chocolate products. Thus, after several months of experiementari, decided it’s time to make the decisive step and opened a shop specializing in such arnajamente.

Success was instantaneous. News about new shop quickly and went in less than a year, Farid gave their business in franchising system. Edible Arrangements stores number grew rapidly, so at this time include 1,300 business units and register a turnover of $ 200 million.

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