Finding a date through the Internet: Discover the ‘ciberligue’

Since the Internet became a place in our lives, physical, psychological and temporary and pose no impediment, so the chances of success in finding the ideal mate multiply. However, like everything in life, dating through the Internet is a matter of technique and practice.

The patience, sincerity and interesting conversation are few.

The goal: fun. When you use an online dating website the goal is not flirting, but enjoy having a good time. If a person enjoys doing what he does, it will be easier to find what you want.

Honesty, above all. Sincerity in return for sincerity. When uploading a photo is important to use a real photo and not someone else, and fill the profile of the portal without lying. There are dishonest people in the network, but the same always have to lead by example.

Time is money. Time is very valuable, so if the goal is to find love through the Internet, we must root out all those people who do nothing but take long or go around the bush. If you look the same, it makes no sense to insist.

Patience, the mother of science. Be patient and not rush. You must be aware that users of Internet dating sites receive messages and requests to “gaggle” with what needs to be differentiated and harass as does the rest.

Stop! boring conversations. The topics should be parked boring background. Avoid talking about work, former partners of the crisis … online singles do not have the advantage of body language to attract attention, you have to use interesting topics that make you feel emotions.

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