Entangled networks – The many faces of social networks

The many faces of social networks? Does it encourage social instinct in us all?, Or rather do we throw a paradoxical universe entangled with connections?

If we assume that social networks promote our social instinct, mine almost untouched by them, then it would mean that as a result of being on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.., We have more and better interpersonal relationships, work, couple, among others. But, you forgot one pasteboard by a “chismecillo” or “error” of Facebook, the tagueada deadly and unforgettable indiscreet comment, tweets nosy, the classic “it is only my friend’s Feis” typical ” I swear now I close my Feis “… no see as dramatic, how many head has cached the feisbuqueando or tweeting? In short, from this perspective, the currency of social networks has many faces, some still unknown.

On the other hand, if we believe they put us in a tangled world, where dissimilar relationships interact, the currency seems to have only 2 sides. First, you yourself @ novi @, @ Nephew, Grandmother @ @ ex-girlfriend, mother, friend, dad, jef @ @ mother, neighbor @ cuñad @ @ exsuegr, colleagues, ex-wife @ doctor soci @, stylist, art dealer, lover, chauffeur, secretary @ prim @ @ niet, hij @ and others co-exist in your account. Does this sound a Facebook profile (assuming they still do not know the circles Google +) in which each of the above entities coexist in a friendly, at least in your wall? Absolutely, I added the first husband of my third stepmother, for example. Does the other side of the coin? There is not. Admit it, many of us have a real social hub in the Feis, so we live entangled in the nets.

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