Daylight Donuts Franchise

Daylight Donuts is a true symbol of the United States, being known to the rest of the world through its network of international franchises built.

Daylight Donuts on international development began in 1999, then reaching network in about 65 countries.

At present there are over 900 units open Daylight Donuts, a result of the special relationship the company has established its consumer products, which is a key issue in the company’s activity

The fact that donuts are a very loved food in the U.S., country of origin of Daylight Donuts, seen from the fact that this is the second food as it produces profits from sales, for that country. This ensures business Daylight Donuts, along with the reputation of the name, market success, say those who manage the business.

Company History:

Launched in 1954, Daylight Donuts was founded by Tommy and Lucille Day in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The two launched the mixture to donuts that enshrined that name. The name is a name join those who launched the business, day, and the word “light”, according cuvand to describe texture and taste of Daylight Donuts.

The business was taken over in time for Jerry and Linda Hull in 1977 by John and Sheila Bond in 2002, those continuing to enrich the product range offered by Daylight Donuts.

In the seven years of experience, was searched that all quality standards, products realized the raw material, packaging and accessories imported directly from Daylight Corporation USA.

Conditions of entry in the franchise:

You need to purchase from us the entire lab donuts (which imported from USA), which costs around 20,000 to 25,000 USD (equipment may be new or second hand).

All raw materials for preparing donuts sites is brought from the U.S.

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