How to tell if a person lies

Read the body language is key to predict many things about people, this article will give you some signs to tell if someone is telling lies.

I want to make a clarification before: you have to look at this as a set of gestures to help you make your conclusions, at least if you see you for three or more I’m going to describe is because something is wrong, that person is lying.

Many of these gestures are the same when the person is standing or sitting, although there are some guidelines that are in a position but is not in the other, so I’ll classify gestures into three parts: Continue reading How to tell if a person lies

Tips to increase your confidence

What happens is that society today all the time we are bombarded with images of women completely perfect, it seems that no one fails. This generates a very large uncertainty in some women.

But the trick is not obsessed with your body, what is missing or what should change, but focus on what you should do. Here are some tips for you to learn to climb that self-esteem you have the floor. Continue reading Tips to increase your confidence

How to deal with people who ignore you

Dealing with people who ignore you can be humiliating, stressful and confusing. However, with time, effort, some thought and a plan, you can kill it.

The first thing you have to do to deal with people who ignore you is to examine what is happening. Think if there is something you have said or done that may have triggered this situation.

First, think of something you could do or say, and you were able to disturb these people. Look back and think about the moment they started to ignore you. Are offended in any way? Perhaps unintentionally said something hurtful? Or perhaps you’ve neglected for a long time and they feel offended?

Now, think: could it be that these people are busy? Or maybe you are trying to tell you something … Perhaps they are feeling ignored or abandoned. Is it possible to think you’re too busy to deal with them? There may be many factors that make a person ignore another.

If this person or people you care about, and wish to restore the relationship, find out what bothers them. Talk to them and see what happens. Now if these people do not like, and bring nothing but frustration to your life, then forget them and move on.

Helpful hints to make attractive a CV

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) remains an essential tool when searching for and finding employment appropriate to their own expectations and desires.

A CV intelligently presented, not only opens the door to an interview sought by the applicant, but that gets the interview is also expected and desired by the potential employer. Do not forget that the CVs are used as screening tools to determine what people want to interview and what not. Medical Directors, Managers and Heads of Service hospitals are people used to reading CVs and easily recognized in the correctness of their presentation, the author’s personal qualities.
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Tips for finding the perfect partner

The world has changed dramatically, and Internet today is not only a working tool but a great communication medium, which can allow you to meet new people, and even find your soul mate!

When, how, and where. These three questions are fundamental when considering finding a partner. We will give some good advice.
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Tips to maintain strengthen a long distance relationship

You just found the right person. Her laugh, you download and share your best moments. I love his personality and feel that is the right person … There is one problem, living thousands of miles away ..

Love from afar is a difficult mission, but not impossible. Today more than ever, technology brings us and keeps us connected in real time. While a kiss can not be replaced by an icon in the virtual mesanjero, there are many ways to make love to survive and stay away on foot.

Tips to maintain strengthen a long distance relationship: Continue reading Tips to maintain strengthen a long distance relationship

Tips: How to dance at a school party (for boys)

Some people consider to be popular for having many friends, be the life of the party, not having to be alone, and everything to be happy.

Both scenarios are not bad. People find popularity in many ways. Some people, however, far from popular. They feel their life is not complete, and need something else to help them through life.
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Tips: How To Make Your Hair Shiny at Home

The structure of the hair of women consists of scales, or cuticles, as well as protect, allowing the passage of water throughout the length of hair. These properties ensure the brightness and softness of your mane. However, the flakes can be dried hair and beauty lost because of external aggression and internal suffering hair.


Standing too common.
The most desirable are two per year.
It is best to wave only the hairline. Continue reading Tips: How To Make Your Hair Shiny at Home