Love stories – Heartbreak stories

Heartbreak stories

Hi I’m Cyntia. It all started when I was very small, was only 8 years old. That year had seen a beautiful play, was called Anne and I had loved, soon after, when the school sent the papers to the school, saw the choice of musical theater and as often happens in these cases, besotted and wanted me by all means, sign up.

He dreamed of being a star, out on stage and be the star, singing as Anne …Of course, at the end of many tears, my parents agreed. It was in October 2004 when I met him, was a year older than me and made me laugh.
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I will always love him even thou we are not together

I will always love him even thou we are not together

Six years ago, on February 10, 2005, a girl met a person, who, days later, he began a love story. At first, everything was rosy, as they talked a lot, exchanged glances, etc., Etc.

He spent a month until he kissed her and asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. She accepted. That was one of the best days of your life … but that love it quickly die. He had already found someone else, it seemed that he no longer wanted more. But where were they both knew that love was not dead, still intact and growing every day.
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Never Told Him How I Felt and Now It’s Too Late – Love stories

Never Told Him How I Felt and Now It’s Too Late – Romantic Love stories

Hi all, I am going to tell my story. It was the summer of 2008, I was 15 and went into intensive tennis I do every year with my friends from tennis. this intensive is to go (and he had 16) during the month of July every evening from 5-9 pm. In tennis we had already assembled a group of friends of a lifetime. The first day of all I went with a friend from tennis at the pool first, before starting to train and there I saw for the first time. I was in costume and you could see all his chest, his beautiful face, her beautiful smile.
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My First Time Sex Story

My First Time Sex Story

I discovered that dump my feelings, my experiences, my all, in other words, is the best way. My story is particular to me, but this is certainly something that could have happened to anyone. It is an unrequited love, indescribable madness, a passion no physical contact.

In my 14 years began. I met a boy, age 16, was the first with whom I had my first kiss, we saw almost all the evenings, live close to home. There were clandestine meetings, so to speak. From the beginning I always insisted on having sex, but I was not encouraged. Continue reading My First Time Sex Story

Hot Phrases On Flirting With Girls

When the subject is spoken seduction of body, skin, eyes, everything that can be resources to attract the opposite sex. And the phrases can be used to seduce as a supplement or as a tool.

May I use your phone? I call my mother to tell her I met the girl of my dreams.

I was born among roses, thorns die, but a guy like you will never forget.

Who dream about love, to be a piece of your dreams and get into your tomorrow, who will think to belong and know love to turn the sky the color of your eyes.
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Signs that your ex still loves you

For whatever reason, decide to end your dating relationship with this boy and this seems to want to remain part of your life as “friends.” It is possible to be friends with your ex, but it will take time. If he calls you to “see how you” or show the places you frequent “coincidence”may be you have not yet overcome.

Maybe you’ve already passed, but your ex clearly or maybe not so much-yet. How to know if he still feels something for you?

Read on and give you three sure signs that he still sees you as more than a friend.

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Test: Are You a Good Kisser?

Hey, you know kiss right? In fact, depends not only on yourself but also your partner. There are many types of kisses: wet and sloppy, warm and sensual, intense and exciting, sweet and short. “You kiss with feeling? Is your partner happy with the way you kiss? Take this test and discover how good / they are!

1 .- Your first kiss was …
a.Horrible! I did not like
b.A dream
c. Do not even remember. I was very nervous
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