Online Business Guide

Here are a small online business guide, a brief sketch of a business plan online, then you can guide to start your own business on the Internet. Online businesses have never been simpler and more accessible to the general public as they are today. From the outset it must be said that the Internet, like any other market, you can not make money unless they provide something in exchange (goods or services).

But in this little guide free online business you will see how easy it is to provide services and be paid. Maybe now you think you could offer Internet services. Well there is a huge range of online services but we will stop only the most accessible and popular: advertising. You will sell advertising for other commercial agents, is the best product on hand for those who want to start an online business but do not have anything to offer for sale.

That’s roughly about it: make a website, drive traffic and then sell advertising on it. Niches are categories or themes around which you can create online business. Weather websites of all for all the past is the era of specialized sites on certain topics. Choose such a theme, preferably one that is and popular (to make sure he has someone to visit your site) and who to like to write to you.

Start an Online Business

How many of us have thought at least once to the idea of having your own online business? Or how many have not even read an article online about online business success and have dreamed of her and be among those who earn money through Internet? Until recently their online business idea remains just a dream for most in a country where Internet access was a problem himself.

But things have changed dramatically, the number of users has increased several times in recent years an increasing number of  businesses have turned to online. Yet few are ordinary people who managed to seize the business opportunities that the Internet offers. The reason is quite simple: Most  “experts” in online business will want to give the impression that the Internet can make huge fortunes without labor or with very little work. Those who decide to start an online business that goes out with the wrong impression and then find themselves disappointed and eventually take it over again without learning anything.

Truth is an online business should be approached with the same seriousness as any other business. There are no magic formulas or who knows what hocus-pocus to transform you into a millionaire overnight. But there is the same common sense principles that work for any business: you have to sell something to someone! You must go to a market, no sale no income, no selling and no marketing so far.

True advantage of the Internet is that you are given the immensity of the market without the tray to move the chair, lower advertising costs and any electronic products and software, which are relatively inexpensive and can replace the work of employees.


Blogs are mini-sites easy to make and maintain. Creating a quality blog, which sought to put useful content for users and then monetized everything GoogleAdsense or other advertising programs, you can make big money, either work on a computer, whether you are on vacation. We will not go into details here because the topic of blogs money has already been discussed in another article.

Could you provide consulting services based on a nearly unlimited number of domains (marriage, courses, art, fine, those areas in which you understand best and who can give lessons to themselves). You can get to win every day from them without stressing you too much. You’ll be as long as customers will be able to solve their problems.

Writing and generally any copyrights, are areas where you can earn residual income for life. A good book, which sell like hot cakes, you can make rich and get paid whenever someone publishes and sells worldwide.

Investment Ideas

To create residual income sources over a long period of time, even life, it takes smart investment, better calculated, especially in difficult economic times like now that we are going through. Should look for investments in those areas that can provide residual income, income to flow into your pocket without the need to work every day. Here are some of these areas where you could place investments:

Buying shares in profitable companies bring you annual dividends as long as the companies remain profitable. You can also receive regular bonuses which can help you increase your stock portfolio so that in 10 to 15 years to own a considerable number of shares. For greater safety it is advisable to diversify its portfolio of stakes in several companies. At the end of your life you may choose an important portfolio which you can bequeath to your descendants.

Invetitie are a lot more accessible than the stock investments that do not require large sums of money to start investeti in this area since at the beginning but with a huge potential. Another advantage is that you do not need your product, there are already strong products that are unclear, ready made, you just get your feet one or more sites to promote and sell those products through them. Once set on foot the whole business, residual income will flow into your PayPal account, ClickBank or other virtual accounts through which you have chosen to operate.

Broker Web domains

As more and more people make their site one (or more), the battle for Web domain names is becoming more fierce, which has created a niche in itself and therefore new business opportunities. And if we think that sums were spent and millions of dollars for a single domain, we realize that we are not talking just for some small business.

Although most good domain names were taken, there are still open fields with resonant names. Furthermore, you could become one of those intermediate transactions between those who own domain names and powerful people who want to buy. You could even do it all online through a special website and you get a fee for each transaction brokered.

There are plenty of courses that can teach online in the form of informative websites, newsletters or e-books. There are almost no area of human activity that does not regain a niche online sites. Choose the field that starts Excel and profit from his teaching lessons to others, be it martial arts, swimming, cooking, auto repair, seduction, etc. We will return with new business ideas online in future articles.

Business Ideas

Here are some online business ideas that do not require too much investment but the experience, passion and seriousness. Although these business ideas are not urging anyone, has the advantage of an elegant and profitable activities, with multiple and real development opportunities.

Diet and Fitness: Is a growing niche all over the world. Create a site or network of sites where they provide recipes, information and methods of weight loss and fitness, promote your business online and collect advertising revenue or membership fees of companies that promote weight loss products or subscriptions rooms Centre.

U.S. alone there are over 100 million consumers of products for weight loss and people who have problems with obesity. Niche market is huge worldwide, consumers enter the marketplace of information regarding fitness and diet and get your piece of cake.

Web Design: If you already have a business then you know how important online presence and implicitly called web-designers. If you do too and are passionate to create websites, you are attracted to the graphic and artistic, you could get money from this industry.

However, the time when a kid of 13 years could create a simple website for a company, the last bit. Meanwhile the number of Internet users has increased and with it a few times and tastes for web design and web applications.  If you want to be competitive in this niche to become a professional in your field and secrecy is specialized on a particular topic. For example only logos only headers, etc..

Search Engine Optimization

I have written about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but this time but that does not get into technical details. I only have a few tips on who is interested:

– Firstly need to write as often

– Use keywords representative to repeat that 2-3 times in the same article

– Write about interesting things and days (during the Olympics in Beijing tripled my traffic!)

– Ask all acquaintances to write an article on their blog blog where to put even a link to your address (not mean that all but insisted they write)

– Results not appear immediately! Have patience

– If you want to make money from blog need to have talent first and secondly enough time.

Who says that only live blogging with 2-3000 unique visitors a day, live a fool! After some calculations simple enough to make good money in my opinion you should at least 100,000 visitors per day. Anybody who has even half of that? Maximum traffic that we had was around 1700 unique visitors a day they have brought about EUR 2 of clicks on ads. Worth?

I can say that at first I had great enthusiasm and hopes for earnings of blogging. Meanwhile I was quiet, I do for pleasure especially as I have many friends and family interested in news about me and my family.

Search Engine Optimization has helped me to have daily average 50-60 (were days and 2-300) visitors arriving from search engines (90% from Google).

It is found enough info on the net about how to do SEO and with little technical knowledge can get great results but as I said, patiently.

Use social networks to your website

Use social networks to your website

We’re back again with some tips you can increase your Internet access page, the general public!

One of the most popular methods and also simpler, less annoying I might say, is composed of many social networks.
For those who have not yet had the opportunity to get in touch, although I believe it is appropriate, social networks are modular in that you can change your mind with your neighbor, known or unknown.
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