Most beautiful beaches in the world – Aroa, Aiutaki, One Foot Island – Cook Islands

Captain Cook Islands. There, at the end of the world beyond East and West civilizations, wait hidden in a blue lagoon is just heaven, Aroa Beach. Hang in there! Not like anything you have imagined. Located near Ratoronga, Aroa beach can always win the category of “best beach with white sand on Earth.” Aroa beautifies a coral atoll so beautiful, that even here time seems to have astonished, admiring him milliums.Intreaga tidy piece of heaven is exemplary.

In addition, do not come here than the richest people in the world and for activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing, you need tens of approval. Everything we do is watched tourists on Aroa discreet, and if you throw rubbish on the beach or in water or you pushed Evil to destroy the environment, to disturb other visitors or to pollute the atmosphere noise, will be evacuated by emergency after payment of heavy fines. In addition, for several years, no longer receive the right to step one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the South Pacific.

Holidays in Kusadasi, Turkey

It’s hard to call Kusadasi resort. Basically it’s a seaside town which has attached a lot of places of accommodation, in particular groups but rather numerous villas of three and four star hotels. Perifieria hotel complexes are located in town, to Adaland. For example, in November, where I stayed at Hotel Le Prince Ada Vera, had to take a taxi or a maxitaxi until Kusadasi center.

There are many terraces f or discos, hotels are generally such as to give you all the conditions inside them. Thus it is quite likely (if you’re comfortable) was not out of the hotel the entire stay. From this point of view, I would recommend Kusadasi those who would rather leave quietly, without much fuss, with accommodation and food more than acceptable at a super price ok.

Beach is pretty boring, no f wide, with many sharp rocks on shore, without too many terraces. Generally associated with each hotel has a strip of beach where sun beds and umbrellas are free (the hotel for tourists).
If you associate barren rocky landscape of Turkey – only deal with dusty bushes and shrubs, you realize that nature is not worth going to Turkey.

In conclusion, although Turkey did not look too great offers quality holidays to those who wish to relax, sleep in a room ok, how many 10 ways to eat a free meal and drink however, it was tan on poolside waiting next meal and can rest peacefully without fear of noisy nights.

Duecento and civil architecture in the Trecento

Tower, security aspect, can be traced to the twelfth century until the fourteenth century in Florence, Siena and other Tuscan cities. A tower looks noble origin or owner (as well as European medieval dungeon), was a place of retreat in case of danger and also a place where they were launching attack against enemy spears and stones.

Problems have occurred when each noble raises his own tower. Florence, for example, have a total of 150 towers, apart from those of old districts of the city. For this reason, there has passed a law prohibiting the construction of a tower more than 30 m from the citizens. The purpose of the law was to avoid civil war in the city.

San Gimignano is a unique example of the Tuscan landscape “city of towers” well kept. The city of golden limestone palaces, with balconies, towers, castles and public fountains best illustrates the pride expressed by raising the medieval towers. Of 72 towers in the past were only 14 remained standing. Tuscan architecture is dominated by the typology of the tower until the fourteenth century.

About Italy’s architecture

Romance or Gothic structure and roofs were little used in construction cathedrals in Italy. Instead these were preferred ceiling cassette – as to Pisa – and wood framing, wood semi-cylindrical vault covered with decorations in stone and Byzantine dome.

Legacy of classical antiquity definitely said the word in Italy, especially Tuscany and the proportion who preferred quiet balance and weight instead  structures with Romanesque or Gothic vaults avantates them.

Features are here marble ornament laced, full-empty rates, sculptures and mosaics that turn into real Italian cathedrals monuments – Jewelry, both in terms of details and assembly.

Take selective semicircular arch decorations Romanesque facade and Gothic arches broken. Originality is on Italian cathedrals with decorative colored marble tiling. If cathedrals, and campaniles Pisa, Lucca, Pistoia and Prato is used blue-green marble. In Florence, is white marble, pink and green, black and white marble from Siena.

Athens, a dynamic metropolis

Athens, a dynamic metropolis hosts two of the symbols of Greece: the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus. Delphi history which still carries a reputation on its shoulders remains temple of Apollo, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  Corinth is unique with its beautiful scenery and surroundings located in Patras, is atypical city, famous for its active cultural life, the most famous carnival in Greece and for its fine wines.

Piraeus is the port of embarkation for Greece’s plutitoate treasures: more than 3,000 islands and paradise islands. Cyclades group of islands, Santorini and Milos are appreciated for the natural preserved especially. Mikonos-entertainment center (clubs, bars and restaurants) and for lovers of sun and beaches, Zante, Hydra and Corfu with crystalline waters, bays and fine sand, water sports etc..

Pearl Greece, Crete – indented shores of luxury yachts and boats, with its fortresses and battlements ventiene. Beautiful sandy beaches, washed by turquoise waters, beaches and cliffs elongated its wild, is probably the most beautiful island of Greece and most popular Greek destination.

One of the most attractive targets of destinations in Greece, is the monastic complex of Meteora: great atmosphere, dreamlike landscapes. Kalambaka is the city situated in the shadow of gigantic rocks of Meteora, built from scratch like in the middle of flat plains.

Rhodes Island known as the Sun is studded and beautiful sites and interesting places to visit, such as the Valley of Butterflies, Triada village near the ancient Lalyssos atop Filerimos, Kalithea with thermal baths and more. The most beautiful area of Halkidiki in northern Greece is what has always kept the same appeal: mysterious forests, beaches with fine sand, sandy hidden satucuri historic and picturesque towns, exquisite views.

Peloponnese, a fairy shore

We then looked to the Peloponnese, a fairy shore, which for many locals means real Greece. Mountain meets the sea, the music surrounds you, the sun caresses you and the smell of olives, lemons, oranges and grapes takes you on paths of history, including the valuable artifacts. Peninsula separated from mainland by the isthmus of Corinth, you will find most of the history of Greek temples, theaters, fortresses, towns full of legend.

Nafplio is the first capital of modern Greece’s most beautiful city of the peninsula: a medieval architecture across the Venetians have left no visible mark during their occupation. An impressive view over the peninsula you can admire climb the 999 stairs of Citadel bonito. Lacasurile Lord have a special appearance, so the cold stone love transpires that were built and their tumultuous history.

In the central part of the Peloponnesus, 10 km from Tripoli was a sacred monument less known: the church of Agia Foteini. Located in the middle of a plain, near the ruins of Mantineia, a place that combines several architectural styles and elements of the old Greek and Byzantine art. Very special interior paintings in a special way, humanized, warm, the holy faces, which gives you a deep feeling of love, trust, gratitude and hope.

Sanctuary of Epidaurus is renowned for its extraordinary acoustics ancient theater with the same name. Located near the coast, surrounded by mountains represent ancient sanctuary a place of pilgrimage for patients from all over the Greek world. The peninsula is connected to the mainland by bridge Patras, Rion-Antirion largest susupendat on cable bridge in the world with a lumgime of 2252 m.

Greece, one of the most visited European countries

Coastal zone (which exceeds the length of coast USA) is filled in places with cliffs and gorges, mountain massifs Samet. Impressive diversity of vegetation and fauna is primarily due to the Mediterranean climate. A beautiful and rustic views of herds of goats driven by olive gardens of Sparta (Peloponnese), sprinkled with historical remains, will emerge from the modern world of concrete and technology.

This is the most complex rich in wild flowers. One of Greece’s botanical attractions is the vast majority of wild orchids, with strange shapes, extraordinary color mixes. These images may be true of the soul and mind therapies. Vestiges of ancient story managed to blend so harmoniously with the Greek natural environment.

Classical historical sites found around Athens, on the shores of the Peloponnesus’s Aticii and traces of Macedonian can be found in northeastern Greece and the holy footprint of Byzantine churches and monasteries are found throughout the country, and especially the sacred island of Mount Athos .

Summer season begins in June and ends in August. But each time of year has its charm. Spring is a beautiful season, a burst of fragrance and color: the period when the arid plains of Greece is covered with a mosaic of wild flowers, plants and shrubs. Autumn joy and celebrations holidays rural get hot, and winter snow and winter holidays invites you to ski.

Evros region, is a broken piece of classical Greek, but full of tradition and passion for nature. City Soufli or “Silk City”, “Little Greece” as it is called, is located on the shore Ralu Evros. His fame has earned it by its thin, delicate silk, handmade. Here is the Silk Museum, which house more like an artist than a museum. The ground floor of old processing equipment cocoons and upstairs sewing machines, cabinets and traditional Greek costumes, an office and a room painted a cheerful and attractive color.

Greece – a comprehensive destination

Far from the image of crowded and full of mystical temples and ruins of houses and some cubes of white sugar, tacky street … there’s much less known about Greece, beautiful things and places that deserve the attention of tourists. Have you visit the many caves that offers an impressive lesson in ancient culture? Or more than 40 spectacular parks and nature reserves?

It’s true that when you think about your vacation in Greece comes to mind beautiful beaches and services of all-inclusive resort, ancient attractions that have defied time for us to not forget history of old people, but for those who vacation goes than relaxation, swimming and coktail sites I thought to present another side of Greece.

There are instead other attractions: nature reserves, river Evros delta, Byzantine churches, museums of silk, precious relics, suspension bridges, monuments, holy, welcoming mountain villages with views uimitoare. Este one of the most visited European countries but is known in a quite superficial. Located at a geographical crossroads, Greece combines specific elements of the Balkans, Middle East and Mediterranean.

A relatively small country (132. 000 km square) of which about three-quarters is covered with a mountainous terrain that is largely uninhabited and uncultivated. Which means that wild landscape of mainland Greece has to offer much more than a 3 star resort.

Skiing in Austria

Propose a topic for discussion: winter skiing trip to Austria … Because it will be a secondary vacation should remain as Euro 1000 torque. Let’s see what we can find. Round trip distance is 3000 kilometers. If the 5000 I paid 500 euros for 3000 conclude with three simple rule that we pay 300 euros. So transport = 150 euros / couple.

According to information from Vlad’s ski pass for 6 days is 160 euros / person = 320 euros for couples. But I think that one day I had 3-4 advantage. Accommodation with half board – 30 euros per person. Ie intermediate housing 420 euro couple still 60 euros. = 500 euros. HB’s advantage to not spend too much on food. I guess a maximum of 5 euros / day / person should reach. So put 100 euros in May.

Zillertal at the Salzburg 170 km, about 2 hours away from Munich and Ziller LOA is 150 km, about 1:30 hours drive. So you can combine your skiing with some rides, possibly a day at the pool .. stuff like that.  If we go on holidays, we could add more, because it is free to all. For example December 26 to January 2 accommodation there. Plus two days of travel. I mean go on and get back on March 25.

Lego land UK – Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor is a theme park for children located in Britain, a short distance from Windsor Castle. Park attractions are some lego themed carousels, various models of Lego pieces and playing workshops. Legoland Windsor is divided into several areas: The Beginning (entrance area of the park), Imagination Center (where children can become creative with Lego pieces).

Miniland (a miniature park with many animal models), Duplo Land (for younger children), Traffic (here children can drive the car in pieces lego) LEGO City (a town with a port and railway station with trains), Land of the Vikings (the main attraction is the Viking’s River Splash), Kingdom of the Pharaohs (contains several carousels and roller coasters in November for 2009), Wild Woods (themes are pirates), Knights’ Kingdom (a castle-shaped building) and Adventure Land (Land adventures – the newest part of the park).