Tourist Destination: Kenya

Located deep in the heart of Africa, Kenya embodies everything you ever dreamed it would mean black continent. The very name evokes a herd of elephants advancing on fertile pastures shaded by magnificent mountain Kilimanjaro. Surface is two and a half times higher than Great Britain.

In this country you will find more than 50 parks and nature reserves, covering 8% of the entire area – the third of England. Many of these parks are famous worldwide: Masai Mara with its rich and varied wildlife, Amboseli, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tsavo, the impressive number of elephants, Lake Nakuru, in this fascinating plumage pink flamingos. The first destination of Africa, Kenya offers the opportunity to observe and shoot all the continent’s large animal species. Buffalo, elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards are more numerous here than anywhere else.

In the western Rift Valley is one of the most famous geological formations, along which you will see eight lakes, some fresh water, more alkaline water, a paradise for many species of birds. In this area – where there is the famous Lake Victoria – Kenyan agricultural center, focused mainly on tea and coffee crops. In the north Mount Kenya offers unforgettable sights. And when you approach the Indian Ocean, like go into another world: the air is more humid, the sun seems brighter on the beaches that stretch over a distance of 500 km.