Broaster Chicken Franchise

Restaurant fast food originating from the U.S., with over 5,000 locations open throughout over 50 years of activity.

The concept is well optimized for the average area offering an excellent return.

Chicken menu items of its customers and attract a continuous control of food and impeccable quality make chiken Broaster a very interesting concept for the franchise market in Romania.

Broaster Company has headquarters in Beloit, Wisconsin, was very well represented in the United States.

Broaster Chicken is a fast food restaurant specializing in chicken preparations. Genuine Broaster Chicken ® starts from the highest quality chicken, carefully marinated and coated with specially formulated Broaster ingredients.

Then, as each order is received, the chicken is put inside fripteuzei pressure created by the Broaster Company, especially for cooking each piece of chicken “under pressure” in their own juice, limiting the absorption of oil and chicken to the bone marinand while chicken wraps with golden crust, fresh and crispy.

The result is Genuine Broaster Chicken ®. No other process, no substitution of Broaster ® ingredients can duplicate his famous taste, texture and delicious Broaster ® flavor.

Broaster ® food recipes gives you all the spices full of flavor marinadele skins and a complete line of quality foods which are rapidly frozen for delicious and distinctive taste that can only be the Broaster.

From baby-cut-to-8-pieces, the products that fillets boneless chicken or popcorn chicken at fast food as spicy wings, potato slices, cheese chopsticks, fillets of cod, shrimp, and sea cat, Fri those popular dishes prepared for easy cooking preparation and operator convenience.

Restaurant profitability, recupararea investment is made in about 6 months.

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